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Ethyl acetate uses

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Excerpts: ethyl acetate purposes. 
Extractant to extract many of the compounds (P, tungsten, arsenic, cobalt) from the aqueous solution. Organic solvent. Correcting thermometer as a standard substance is separated sugars. Test bismuth, gold, iron, mercury, platinum, and the oxidant. Determination of bismuth, boron, gold, iron, molybdenum, platinum, potassium, and thallium. Biochemical analysis of protein sequences. Environmental protection, pesticide residue analysis. Organic Synthesis. Perfumery, can be done with liquor blending spices, artificial flavors, ethyl cellulose, cellulose nitrate, celluloid, varnishes, paints, leather, linoleum, rayon, printing inks. Also can be used for artificial pearls binder, drugs and organic acids as well as the extraction agent fruity fragrance raw materials.

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