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Asian butadiene rubber manufacturers or further cut production

Time£º2014-11-12 09:08:58   Source£ºYisiman
According to reports, if raw material prices continue to rise, leading to reduced production and profits in Asia butadiene rubber producers tend to further cut production, market participants said on Wednesday. Some South Korean and Chinese butadiene rubber manufacturers has reduced the load factor to 50% -70%, mainly due to weak demand, while raw material butadiene (BD) costs soar.
According to market sources, the second half of February shipments butadiene spot price of $ 1900-1950 / ton (about 1425-1463 euros / tonne) CFR Northeast Asia, as expected after the Lunar New Year, February half buying interest may increases, some manufacturers are considering raising butadiene offer to $ 2,000 / tonne CFR Northeast Asia. According to ICIS, since the end of November last year, the Asian butadiene prices kept rising trend, with an average increase of 23.8 percent last week to assess the price of $ 1,820 / tonne CFR Northeast Asia.
We are seriously considering reducing the load factor rate or plant closing, if the feedstock butadiene prices continue to rise, because our butadiene rubber prices can not sync up with the raw material, 'a Korean butadiene rubber producer said. According to ICIS, 1 ÔÂ 17 ÈÕ butadiene rubber prices to $ 2,450 / tonne CFR Northeast Asia, last week rose an average of $ 50 / t, but compared to last December 29 the price has not changed. And within this one and a half months, butadiene rubber prices in 2300-2500 dollars / ton range fluctuations.
If butadiene prices rose to $ 2,000 / ton, while butadiene rubber prices can not rise accordingly, will form a strong resistance level. Typically, butadiene rubber and butadiene feedstock required to maintain $ 700 / t spread to the rubber manufacturers preservation, and in accordance with the current prices, butadiene rubber and butadiene spread has dropped to about $ 500 / tons. Downstream, due to the global economic slowdown led to weak demand butadiene rubber, rubber manufacturers is difficult to make the price more than 2500 U.S. dollars / ton CFR Northeast Asia.

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