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Lead the parties compete for chemical new materials market

Time£º2014-11-12 09:13:30   Source£ºYisiman
Last week, the China International Advanced Materials Exhibition in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, the reporter found that there are several foreign production of new chemical materials customers on the wall with a crooked Chinese saying "looking for agents in China," which attracted many viewers stop . Communicate with customers in their negotiations, the reporter heard the original is currently facing difficulties in the national economy on the occasion of Europe, these countries are more desirable chemical company will shift its strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region, especially China and other emerging countries, optimistic and focused on high-speed growth of new materials market.
For example DYS companies from Italy, and they apply to the field of medicine specializing in the production of new polymers, expect the show to find Chinese agents to carry out agency cooperation, mature and then carry out co-production. The company official told reporters that they are optimistic about China's new materials market, although the new products entering the market could face a "knowledge acceptance period", during which time the low profits or even zero profits run, but they feel the market is late worth the wait.
The new material is one of the key areas of technology and industry in today's international competition. According to statistics, 10 years, China's new materials industry with an average annual growth rate of 22.5%, with the information, new energy together constitute our high-tech industry troika. Early last year, China's new materials in turn included in the national "five" focus on the development of strategic emerging industries, which is also the country set off a storm of new materials.

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