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Determination of crops using dichloromethane pesticide residues

Time£º2014-11-12 09:02:32   Source£ºYisiman
The rapid development of modern society, industry and agriculture, but many crops in the production process, unavoidable to use pesticides to get rid of pest problems to achieve, so give crops brought food safety problem, then use the following Xiaobian introduce you to one of two pesticide residues in crops chloride determination.
For vegetables, we first add vegetables and special sterile diluent sample bag, put together a homogenizer, and shut the door will automatically start and finish samples broken, and mix. Weigh 10g of mixture of the sample, placed in a 250ml conical flask with a stopper, add 30 ~ 100g of anhydrous sodium sulfate, after vigorous shaking using a vertical oscillator and, if the presence of the solid sodium sulfate, anhydrous descriptions sodium have been enough.
Plus 0.2 ~ 0.8g of activated carbon, bleaching. Add 70ml of dichloromethane, shaken in the vertical oscillator 0.5h, using a filter, the filter paper. Amount of 35ml filtrate under hood waving to nearly dry naturally at room temperature, a small amount of secondary research with dichloromethane residue was washed into 10ml stoppered graduated test tube, and set the volume to 2ml, set aside.

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